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On Nigel Kalton's Work

  • A Glimpse at Nigel Kalton's Work, Gilles Godefroy, Banach Spaces and their Applications in Analysis. [view pdff]
  • Nigel Kalton's Work in Isometrical Banach Space Theory, Dirk Werner. [view pdf]
  • Linearization of Isometric Embeddings Between Banach Spaces: An Elementary Approach, Gilles Godefroy. [view pdf]
  • The Kalton Calculus, Gilles Godefroy. [view pdf]
  • Essential Norm of Composition Operators on Banach Spaces of Hölder Functions, A. Jiménez-Vargas, Miguel Lacruz, and Moisés Villegas-Vallecillos. [view pdf]
  • The Non-Linear Geometry of Banach Spaces After Nigel Kalton, Gilles Godefroy, Gilles Lancien, Vaclav Zizler. [view pdf]
  • Recent Work of Nigel Kalton, Assaf Naor. Video recording of a talk at http://sms.cam.ac.uk/media/1091594
  • Nigel J. Kalton Selecta, Volumes 1,2, edited by Fritz Gesztesy, Gilles Godefroy, Loukas Grafakos, and Igor Verbitsky, Contemporary Mathematicians, Birkhäuser-Springer, 2016 http://www.springer.com/series/4817?detailsPage=titles

Since the 19th century, the teachers who are allowed to teach in the last years of High School in France are selected through a national contest called Agrégation. The written part consists of two problems (one in algebra, one in analysis) and the contestants have six hours to cope with each of them, on two consecutive days. The analysis problem of the year 2011 was based on a joint work by Nigel Kalton and Gilles Godefroy (Studia Mathematica, Vol. 159 (2003), 121-141) which was accessible through a quite elementary approach . The rule is that the authors of the Agrégation problems remain anonymous.

  • Problème d'analyse de l'Agrégation 2011. [view pdf]