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Nigel Kalton Memorial Website

This website is dedicated to the memory of Nigel J. Kalton (1946 - 2010), mathematician extraordinaire. In addition to his stature as an acclaimed mathematician, for the period of his tenure at MU (1979 - 2010), he represented a focal point around which our department developed into an internationally recognized unit.

While the website primarily centers around Nigel's scientific achievements, it also hints at his considerable abilities in connection with the game of chess, and offers a picture gallery.

In addition, the website collects scientific as well as personal tributes to Nigel's work and life in general. We understand the website as a living document and welcome additional contributions such as scientific ones, describing particular aspects of Nigel's work, as well as personal tributes, photos, etc.

We sincerely thank Nigel's family, especially, Jenny Kalton, his friends and colleagues, who all generously supplied us with a variety of materials. We also acknowledge with gratitude the extraordinary co-operation of publishers and their staffs for their permission to make nearly all of Nigel's work available to the public, within appropriate restrictions spelled out in copyright agreements. Finally, we are indebted to Rich Winkel for his tremendous help in finishing this website.

Fritz Gesztesy
Columbia, Winter 2011